First Biennial of Humor and Comics
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First Biennial of Humor and Comics, Córdoba (Argentina), 1972.

Among others: 1. H. G. Oesterheld - 2. Quino - 3. Caloi - 4. “Turco” Salomón - 5. Lorenzo Amengual - 6. Oscar Steimberg - 7. Lino Palacio - 8. Alberto Cognini - 9. Coco Feldman - 10. Fontanarrosa - 11. Kalondi - 12. Alberto Breccia - 13. Crist - 14. Rafael Sábat - 15. Bróccoli - 16. Hermenegildo Sábat - 17. Blanca Sábat - 18. Alfredo Sábat

Alfredo Sábat - Currículum Vita

Alfredo Sábat was born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1966 and since then has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Graphic Design in the University of Buenos Aires, later working in this area as well as in illustration, for editorial or advertisement purposes.
His work has appeared in newspapers and magazines such as “Clarín”, “Playboy”(USA), “Playboy”(Argentina), “Caras y Caretas” and “Barcelona”, and many other magazines in the U.S., Germany and Japan.
In 1997 he recieved in Brazil the Abril Prize for Editorial Illustration, given for a caricature published by “Playboy” (Argentina). From 1991 until 1997 he co-edited with his father Hermenegildo Sábat the visual arts magazine “Sección Aurea”.
From 1997 until 1999 he worked as Illustration Editor and Illustrator for “Trespuntos” magazine. His work on this magazine earned him the ADEPA (Journalistic Entities Association of Argentina) Award for Caricature in 1998.
As an artist he has done, from 1996 onwards, six one-man shows of his oil pantings and sculptures in Argentina, and a group show in New York in 2006.
In 1998 he modelled, following the design of Hermenegildo Sábat, the “Gardel” Argentinian Music Award that is given anually by CAPIF (Argentinian Chamber of Producers of the Phonographic Industry).

Since June,1999, he has been working as an illustrator for the newspaper “La Nación”.
In 2005 he designed, together with Hermenegildo Sábat, Carlos Nine and Oscar Grillo, murals for the new “H” Subway Line, to be inaugurated later in 2007 in Buenos Aires. In October 2006, the murals he designed for ”Inclán” station, dedicated to the Tango singer Azucena Maizani were shown to the public for the first time.  

In July 2006 his work was included in the book “Beatles Art: Fantastic New Artwork of the Fab Four”, published by Boxigami Books.

In early 2006, leaving fears and aprehensions behind, he strarted to participate in international cartoon contests. Since then, he has won the First Prize on the Editorial Cartoon category of the 2006 World Press Cartoon, held at Sintra (Portugal), given to his “Silent Tsunamis” illustration. He also won two Special Prizes from the Jury: one at the 2006 Rhodes Cartoon (Greece) and another at the Salão de Humor de Piracicaba (Brazil). And in December 2006, he won the First Prize at the  Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon Award, organized by the United Nations Correspondents Association, once more for his  “Silent Tsunamis” illustration.

In April 2007, he wins another World Press Cartoon award, this time the Third Prize on the Caricature category, for a work on Fidel Castro. And in the following July, he wins a Special Mention on the 24th. Internacional Bienal of Art Humour held in Tolentino (Italy).

 In September 2007 he was awarded the First Prize at the Kosova World Cartoon Festival. The theme of the contest was “News”.

In 2007 he wins once more the ”ADEPA” Caricature Award, this time for his work on the newspaper La Nación.

In 2008 he illustrated the new edition of the book “From the Cabildo to the Mall (through the Penguin’s house)” by Enrique Pinti (Editorial Sudamericana).

On June, 2008, a painting of his wins First Prize on the contest “Intervened Beauty”, organized by “Hoy en el Arte” Art Gallery. This contest’s theme was doing a variation on “Olympia”, the painting by Edouard Manet.

The exhibition “Figures and Figurines – Two decades of drawings and illustration”, his first restrospective and first one-man show encompassing his graphic work, was shown first at the Centro Cultural Bernardino Rivadavia of the city of Rosario between April and Mayo 2009, then at the MACLA of the city of La Plata in November 2009 and finally at the Centro Recoleta of the city of Buenos Aires between March and April 2010.

Since 2009 he is member of the Cartoon Movement, a global collaborative platform for editorial cartoons and comics journalism with alternative points of view, located in the Netherlands.

His caricatures of singers and musicians are distributed in Europe by Dalle.