Alfredo Sabat

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Alfredo Sábat’s first book is coming soon

Estamos dibujados

On June 2012, “Estamos Dibujados” (We’re all drawn) will be arriving to the bookshops. It’s a collection of political cartoons which originally appeared on the pages of  “La Nación” between 2001 and 2011. Published by “Libros del Zorzal”, the book has a foreword by Santiago Kovadloff and spans from the eve of Fernando De la Rúa’s downfall up to Cristina Fernández de Kirchner taking office for her second period. There are, in all, 116 cartoons and illustrations dealing with the events of the last ten years of Argentinian history.

On Monday, August 6th 2012, the book will be presented at the “Maipo” theater in Buenos Aires. Joining the author will be Carlos Garaycochea, Enrique Pinti, Daniel Rabinovich, Jorge Fernández Díaz and Lalo Mir will be the moderator.